Symphony of the Americas Audience Survey

As we approach our 30th Anniversary Season, we want to hear from you, our supporters, subscribers and prospective attendees.

Please take a moment to give us your comments and suggestions. In appreciation, you will receive a FREE MATINEE TICKET.


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I. About your concert Experience

1. How often do you attend the following Symphony of the Americas concerts? (please check all that apply)
(Check all that apply)

II. Your thoughts about the Symphony of the Americas Concerts 

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(Share your thoughts on guest artists, pre-concert lectures, receptions and more…..)

III.Your thoughts on attending a concert.

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15. How influential are each of the following on your decision to attend a symphony performance?
(Select the appropriate score with 5 as most important)

IV. What is your opinion on the Symphony of the Americas?

16. How did the following affect your enjoyment of Symphony of the Americas concerts this year ?
(Use the scale provided)

V. Tell us a little about you.

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