Is perhaps one of the most entertaining and innovative jugglers in the world. Recently crowned for the third time as the WJF world champion of jugglers for his patented performance with the rings, "Mr. Ignatov" is unsurpassed in his mastery of juggling. His training includes the Moscow State Circus Studio, the Broadway Dance Center, and Dance Space. He is the only artist in the world who juggles spinning propellers as part of his routine. Sergey was featured on ESPN and was the gold medal winner at the prestigious "Circus of the Future" competition in Paris. His spectacular performances at Circus Krone, Tiger Palast, Variette in Stuttgart and other international locations have left audiences amazed. He is not only a juggler, but an incredible tap dancer, magician, and theater entertainer. He was a featured artist with Circus Tihani, the musical "Shock," New Wave Circus, Cirque du Jour, Theater der Landeshauptstadt, and various Disney shows. Sergey has been a consultant for the National Circus Project and many other entertainment productions, and his performances with Cirque de la Symphonie are a delight for the whole audience.

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